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Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic winter break with lots of time to exercise and spend time with friends and families.

Please help remind your children to wear/bring athletic shoes on the days that they have PE class. Wearing athletic shoes helps keep everyone safe.


The students are finishing up their soccer unit this week in PE class. All students are given challenges in each skill so they can each play to their individual ability. Below is what each class is working on:


These students are being assessed for their soccer skills of dribbling, kicking a stationary ball and kicking a rolling ball. They will practicing their skills in the soccer games of Dinosaur Dribble, Tunnel Ball and Mini Soccer.

Clarika/Alders: These students are being assessed for their passing and shooting skills. They will be playing Give and Go, Pass and Follow and Scrimmage for games.

Cedars: Students from this age are being assessed for their ball control. They are practicing drop taps and juggling skills. They are practicing their skills in games such as Zone/Player to Player Defense, Crazy Soccer and Scrimmage.

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