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Welcome Back!


Welcome to North Clarkia!

I am so excited to start this year and can not wait to welcome your children to our virtual classroom. Until we are ready to safely meet in the classroom, we will be attending class using Zoom, Edgenuity and Seesaw all of these links and sites will be housed in Google Classroom. Please do not fret, although this sounds like many platforms, they have all been thoughtfully chosen to set your student up for success. The first week of class will strictly be used for introducing students to these platforms. I know this year is not what we had planned, but that does not mean we can’t have a fantastic year. New challenges mean new opportunities, this shift in learning is allowing us to explore education in new ways, find new tools, and connect in a different way. Of course, I cannot wait to be back in the classroom, but for now I am excited for this new opportunity!

After becoming familiar with our virtual classroom, the Clarkia are going to dive into Oregon geography where we will explore the impact of geography on human lives. Students will learn about major natural features, landmarks and Portland bridges. I look forward to getting started!

Happy Learning,

Mrs. Aimee

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