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Welcome Back to School

Dear South Huckleberry Families,

What a wonderful summer it has been thus far. I’ve enjoyed time with family and friends, catching up on projects left undone throughout the year, and vacation fun with plenty of time to rest, relax and read. I hope your summer has allowed you the same type of pleasure.

With only a few more weeks left before returning to school, my hope is that all have found time between activities, to do some learning. It doesn’t matter if it is exploring how plants grow, as you tend your garden together, or helping your child read a menu while the family is out for dinner. Learning can take place throughout normal daily activities. Creating life-long learners happens as we model for children how to explore and ask questions about the world around us. Reading and being read to, helps develop that inquisitive nature. The beginning of the year is less daunting to students when they come back confident and ready to learn. Each child approaches the classroom with excitement and some apprehension. Coming into the room fresh from reading or being read to, helps prepare them for what lies ahead. Don’t worry, if you have been too busy to fit it in, there is still time. Enjoy!

Our new school year promises to be a great one! This year we will be studying environments by exploring seasons and cycles. Our classroom environment is where we’ll start. Through group activities, we’ll discover what it means to be a student, leader and group member and how that plays out in our community. Testing and applying those role characteristics will take place as we experiment with force and motion. From there we’ll study migrations in the fall, systems and cycles in the human body in the winter, and in the spring, we will explore plant life cycles.

One important change this year will be that Huckleberry North and South will be doing GROUP SNACK, modeled after the successful Trillium program. Most of you are already familiar with how that works. I will be sharing more and there will be a sign up at Parent Night. I look forward to seeing you there! If you have any questions please email me at

See you soon!

Dainette Harris

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