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Welcome to a new month!

November 4, 2019

Dear South Huckleberry Families,

Did you set your clocks back? Did you wake to children wide-eyed and ready for the hour early? I’m sure it will take the first few days of the week to get over the hump of the time change.

We certainly enjoyed last week! The Halloween Party was so much fun! There was something for everyone. There was such a great variety of food: healthy and not so much, but yummy. The riddle activities had everyone engaged. A big thanks to Ashlynd for planning such a wonderful time and all of her helpers who stepped in to carry it out as she took time to have her baby. Now we’re moving on.

In the week ahead, I’m looking forward to seeing all of you for conferences. Just a reminder, there is school on Wednesday, but not Thursday and Friday. Conferences are on Wednesday, starting at 3:00 PM and all day Thursday. IF YOU HAVEN’T SIGNED UP PLEASE DO SO TODAY! To ensure everyone gets their allotted time, please be punctual for your conference. I want everyone to have adequate time. If we need to talk more than time allows, we can schedule additional time for the following week. I promise I will stay on the schedule from my end. Bring your goals sheet with you so we can discuss what you would like to see happen this year for your child.

Enjoy your week!

Dainette Harris

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