Welcome to Second Semester

We have officially started the second half of the year! At this transition time we have been discussing with the students how this break represents a fresh start for them academically. The phrasing for the students is "Everyone has an A+" It is now their job to keep this grade up. It is important to me that students are able to move past failures and setbacks as these can begin to drag us down emotionally and affect our future work. I am happy to report that as a whole the academic focus of students has increased dramatically since the beginning of the year.

Fictional Narratives

In Language Arts we have begun writing fictional narratives (stories). These will be the longest written pieces thus far. We have been studying plot structure, dialogue punctuation, narrators, perspective, theme, and several other elements of fiction. Most students have begun writing a draft of their story. Please ask your student to share some details of their story with you. The more we talk about our story ideas, the easier they are to write down!

War & Conflict

In Humanities we have begun an exciting unit on war and conflict around the world. We will be focusing on how wars get started, the major wars of America's history, the evolution of war and technology, and some of the violent situations facing global citizens today. This would be a great opportunity to connect your student's learning to your family history. Do you have veterans in your family? Do you know people serving today? Did war displace your ancestors or affect their lives in a different way? By making these connections, our students will be able to take their learning much deeper, and create some personal relevance for the topics we are studying.

As always, it is a pleasure to teach your children!! They amaze me daily with their compassion, improving work ethic, and the hilarious things they say and do.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me for any reason.


Ben Poff



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