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Dear Huckleberry Families,

The last week of school will indeed be busy. The following information will hopefully simplify for you what needs to be done.

  1. Morning Meeting

  • This will continue through Friday as will the Attendance Question each day. Reminders of the schedule for the day and what’s ahead will be included in each day’s meeting.

  1. Conferences

  • There are a variety of time slots available for conferences. This is an important time when we will celebrate the year, talk about possible summer engagement in learning for your child, and answer questions you have. If you haven’t signed up please do it now.

  1. Authors’ Chair/ Poetry Party

  • Both of these events are to celebrate our students’ writing and will take place on Monday, June 1st. The Poetry Party is for 2nd graders and will meet at 9:30. The Authors' Chair is for first graders and will meet at 11:00 AM. Links for both of these events will be sent out on Friday and will be posted in Google Classrooms.

  1. Chess with Mr. Fety

    • Noon, Tuesday, June 2nd the second graders will get a chance to put all their skills together and challenge Mr. Fety to games of chess.

  1. Portfolios

  • Student portfolios are a compilation of their work for the year. With the classes moving to online in March, they are obviously incomplete. The work your child has done while at home is important. Because of that, we have included a section for work done during the pandemic. In this section, you will find many plastic shelves waiting for the work that was done at home. To validate the students for their hard work, please include journals, stories and math that you have saved during this time.

  1. Return of ChromeBooks, white boards, library and nightly checkout books

  • It is essential that the above mentioned items be returned to the school next week. There will be a checklist for these items starting with ChromeBooks to the office. A table will be set-up in the patio by

our classrooms for all other items. You may pick-up a bag containing your child’s portfolio, as well as any other items left in the classroom. During conferences, you may choose a time for pick-up.

We have had many wonderful experiences this year. We want it to be defined by more than the year of the pandemic. So much growing and learning has taken place AND we have all survived. Thanks for partnering with us as we have attempted to make your child’s first/second grade experience a meaningful one.


Ms. Fety and Mrs. Harris

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