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Why Is Outdoor Education Important?

There have been a multitude of research studies which have determined that our health is interlinked with our interactions with the great outdoors. Students who interact with nature on a regular basis tend to be more attentive and retain information, have elevated moods and venues to relieve stress and anxiety, are more motivated to make healthier choices including being more physically active, have greater opportunities to learn to cooperate in small learning groups, and greater opportunities to strengthen the use of all senses to explore the environment around them.

Our outdoor program at MRA is needing some additional support as we continue to expand these opportunities for our students. Currently, we are limited in our space to start our garden seeds. We would love to add a hoop house to our campus so that we can germinate seeds and eat veggies throughout the year.

Our annual seed fundraiser with Victory Seed Company is in full swing. We would love your support. Please consider buying your seeds for your garden, flower beds, and more through our fundraiser. We will be selling some selected seeds through our Roots Farmers Market every Friday and collecting order forms for bigger orders. Please click on the picture below for more information!

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