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Wild Woods Activities!

Scooter Board Soccer with Buddies

Etiquette Lessons in Health Class

Mr. Luke performs a skit while the Cedars grade him!

"Celebration of Learning" - directed by the Assembly Team

LeaderFit performed a skit at the Assembly to demonstrate the Table Etiquette that the Cedar's classes have been studying.



These students have been focusing on the development of foot-striking skills such as dribbling, passing and kicking a ball. Students are learning to receive passes while stationary and moving, and trap and control balls in different ways. Their skills will be assessed the week after Winter Break.

Clarika: These students will practice and develop the skills of ball-handling, dribbling, passing and receiving, shooting and defending required for successful game play. The skills progression is adapted for a variety of skill levels.

Alders/Cedars: Students from this age are combing their soccer skills to play modified and small-sided games. They are practicing the following drills to emphasize skills: Give and Go, Pass-Pass, Pass and Follow, Corner to Corner Pass and Go, and Zone to Player Defense.

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