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Work for March 16 - 20

School work the week of March 16 to20

Math - look at your Math Google Classroom

Reading - The Egypt Game

Read “Fear Strikes”

Read “The Hero”

Read “Gains and Losses”

Read “Christmas Keys”

Complete “The Egypt Game - Final” in google classroom

Reading Logs - if you have the ability, you can send an image of it to me by Wednesday or type it up in a google doc and share it with me.

Spelling -

Use each word in 2 example sentences - focus on meaning and spelling - see google classroom

Journal - Write for 10 minutes each day listed

Mon - Prompt: “What is your favorite thing to do outside?”

Tues - Prompt “What is your plan for staying on track with school work?”

Thurs - Prompt “What were your favorite toys when you were younger, or now?”

Fri - Prompt “What is your plan for Spring Break?”

Writing - work on first draft of a Portfolio Reflections - see google classroom

Humanities -

read the Egyptian Clothing article and highlight or underline key info

Read the Egyptian myth from your Nome

Glue both readings into your ISN

**complete any missing work you may have


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