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Welcome to the East Cedars Website, students and families!

Here you will find:

  • Distance Learning Links for Mathematics and Science

  • An overview of Mr. Mikkelson, the East Cedars teacher

  • Mr. Mikkelson's blog, with classroom news and relevant current events in science

Distance Learning Links

*Resources in progress

Meet the Teacher

Do you know that feeling when you walk away from a conversation, and the world just looks different? The feeling that things make sense in ways they never did before, and you can describe just a little more clearly where you fit in it all? Those are the moments that I, Mr. Mikkelson, live for, and they are the moments I hope to create in the virtual and physical classroom.

I am a recent graduate of Western Oregon University. A scientist by training, I approach math with a deep understanding of how powerful it can be as a tool to make sense of and communicate about our world. I also still maintain one of the most important skills a scientist can have: curiosity. I am always willing to do a little research into a new phenomena, or better yet, help learners on their own paths to discovery.

I can be contacted via email, and my office hours are TBD but will include at least one evening per week.

Mr. Mikkelson's Blog

Our Vision

Successful graduates with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their dreams and enrich the community.

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