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MRA Executive Director

Melanie Marrone IMG_0006.jpg

Welcome to Molalla River Academy. MRA is an Arts and Sciences charter school that opened in the fall of 2009, providing students with an exceptional and unique educational experience. MRA offers integrated, thematic instruction with an emphasis on project based learning with high standards for academic achievement. We believe that every child is a capable learner and that our job as educators is to encourage and foster each student’s talents and abilities. With that in mind, we strive to provide an enriching and challenging environment that promotes inquiry, responsibility, and kindness in all of our students.  

I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Dr. Melanie Marrone, Executive Director

Meet Our Staff

Iva Quinlan IMG_0019.jpg

Assistant Executive Director and Garden Coordinator

Monica Salitore IMG_0235.jpg
Monica Salitore

Trillium (KG)

Emily Frack IMG_0062.jpg
Emily Frack

Trillium Associate

Appeya Galindo IMG_0016.jpg
Appeya Galindo

Huckleberry 1st

Jeanna Kappas

Huckleberry 1st Associate

Sloane Kochman IMG_0275.jpg
Sloane Kochman

Clarkia 2nd

Jeanna Kappas IMG_0024.jpg
Daisy Meeker IMG_0122.jpg
Daisy Meeker

Clarkia 2nd Associate

Paula Dorry IMG_0212.jpg
Paula Dorry

Clarkia 3rd

Neena Bolster IMG_0208r.jpg
Neena Bolster

Clarkia 3rd Associate

Jamie Navarrete IMG_0078.jpg
Jamie Navarrete
dArtboard 3.png
Grant Myers IMG_0311.jpg
Grant Myers

Alders 4th

Debbie Hood IMG_0012.jpg
Debbie Hood

Middle School Social Studies

Luke Precourt IMG_0295.jpg
Luke Precourt

Middle School Math

Gina Harnish IMG_0014.jpg
Gina Harnish

K-5 PE and Integrated Arts

dArtboard 3.png


Beth Johnson IMG_0080.jpg

After Care

Pan Bremer IMG_0161.jpg


Alders 4th Associate

David Takano IMG_0290.jpg
David Takano

Middle School Science

Wendi Reel IMG_0008.jpg
Wendi Reel

Library Teacher

Kevin Mahr IMG_0012.jpg
Kevin Mahr

Technology Coordinator

Lori Martin IMG_0002.jpg

6-8 PE and Health

ReAnna Anderson IMG_0405.jpg
Re'Anna Anderson

Alders 5th

Mata Kimmel IMG_0208.jpg
Mata Kimmel

Middle School ELA

Dusty Hood IMG_0163.jpg

Alder and Cedar Associate

Amanda Burgi IMG_0020.jpg
Amanda Burgi

Behavior Specialist

Rachel Blythe IMG_0014.jpg
Rachel Blythe

Director of Music and

Performing Arts

Sarah Kemper IMG_0304.jpg
Sarah Kemper

Office Manager/Executive Assistant

dArtboard 3.png

Grounds and Maintenance

Lunch/After Care Coordinator

Erica Bailey IMG_0060r.jpg
Erica Bailey

Kitchen Coordinator

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