Huckleberry North (2nd)

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In the Classroom

Huckleberry is a perfect name for the first and second graders of MRA.  Just like these little berries, the students are both sweet and bold.  Here is where they ripen their academic skills.  Together, the Huckleberries focus on stretching their brains towards academic excellence, being empathetic classmates, and cultivating their curiosity.


There is a two year thematic cycle in the Huckleberry Classrooms.  These are the thematic units:

         Environments Year: Seasons and Cycles

                 - Fall: Animal Migrations - through the lens of salmon, caribou, and monarchs

                 - Winter: The Human Body - understanding the purpose and interconnections of systems and cycles

                 - Spring: Plant Life Cycles - going deep through observations and experiments 

         Communities Year: Time and Space

                 - Fall: Our Local and Global Community - studying Molalla through time and comparing school and home worldwide

                 - Winter: Our Solar System - learning at the edge of understanding  

                 - Spring: Honeybees - how a community thrives

About Ms. Fety

I have enjoyed many places, but Oregon is truly my native home.  I ventured East to Ohio and Kenyon College for undergraduate where I studied Anthropology, Biology, and Environmental Studies.  Upon graduating I traveled further North to Vermont where I taught farm-based education. Here I realized my deep love for using the natural world to make science and math come alive, and the power of place-based education.  After a second long winter in the Northeast, I returned to Oregon to become a professional teacher.  For the next two years I was an apprentice teacher at Arbor School of Arts and Sciences while simultaneously getting my Master of Arts in Teaching.  

As a teacher I strongly believe in developing quality habits of mind alongside academic excellence.  Learning is both exciting and hard work.  Through perseverance, problem solving, pursuing individual curiosities, and evidence based thinking even the youngest students are capable of great academic accomplishments.  I am excited for another year of teaching at MRA alongside the first and second graders of Huckleberry North!