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Prearranged Absence Form

If you know your student is going to be missing school please fill out the prearranged absence form (link to the left). This form requires signatures from the Teacher and Executive Director to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding your student's absence and makeup work.  

Please see the Parent Handbook for clarification on our new attendance policy. 

Safe Oregon - Reporting Bullying

Safe Oregon is an organization established to allow students to anonymously report bullying, violence, drugs or harm they see or hear about at school. Most schools in Oregon have signed up to be a part of Safe Oregon, and it is proving to be an effective way to combat all of the above. 


You can report a tip in five different ways: online at, call or text 844‐472‐3367, e‐mail or download the SafeOregon mobile app on iTunes, or Google Play. More information is available in the office. 

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