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Social Emotional Learning at MRA
In 2023-2024 MRA began piloting the Character Strong social emotional curriculum. All students, grades K-8, participate in daily
social-emotional learning lessons and morning meeting time. To learn more about the Character Strong curriculum, please visit this PAGE. 

All students are capable mathematicians.  At MRA, math instruction uses a variety of modalities to reach students at all developmental levels. This curriculum is based on research which shows that critical thinking, analysis and meta-cognition result in a deeper, enduring understanding of math. MRA’s math program is aligned with the Standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics as well as Oregon state standards.


For more information about Bridges:

Kindergarten Math     1st Grade Math     2nd Grade Math     3rd Grade Math   4th Grade Math   5th Grade Math


The 6-8 grades use an evidence based curriculum called College Preparatory Mathematics or CPM. 

The curriculum emphasizes collaborative problem solving, critical thinking and a deep understanding of why and how the process works.  The emphasis is not simply on the procedure but a deeper understanding of the concepts behind the procedure. Students are encouraged to work together to develop diverse approaches and communicate effectively in teams.  Carefully designed practice with procedures are spaced over time where students have the opportunity to truly achieve mastery.  


For more information about CPM:              6-8th CPM Math Curriculum Overview


The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project's Units of Study guide literacy instruction at MRA. This method of teaching is backed by an abundance of research on literacy development and encourages students to become lifelong readers and writers. As a workshop approach these curricula don’t just teach kids to write, it builds independent young authors. Literacy is integral to all subjects and foundational to learning of all types. 


Click on the following links to discover more about these curricula:


Social Studies and Science Grades K-5
Social studies and science is taught through thematic, project based units during "theme" time. Each year we rotate our area focus between the community and the environment. Theme class are blended in grades 2/3 and 4/5. 
Our overarching questions for each year are:
Community Year:  How does my community impact me?                Environmental Year:    How does my environment impact me?
                    How do I impact my community?                                                            How do I impact my environment?

In August of 2021 the MRA school board approved a one year pilot program for health classes using The Great Body Shop Health Curriculum. After the 2021-22 school year the MRA board will gather feedback from families, teachers, and staff in order to decide if this curriculum should be adopted long term. The curriculum aligns with state and national standards for health instruction.  It contains a digital platform that gives families access to program guides and content materials while students take home a monthly health magazine which encourages family discussions.  Please click on the following link to read more about this dynamic curriculum:


The Great Body Shop Website

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