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Many thanks from all of us at MRA for your volunteer time.  We could not run MRA with such success without the support and help from our volunteers.  We want to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate all of you for your hard work and dedication.  You are amazing!  Thank you!!

Please Click Here to complete the form as best you can no later than Friday, May 29th.  Because of Covid 19, we have reduced the number of required hours to 15 per family. Billing for unfulfilled hours will be done in late June.  To avoid any delay or confusion please have this completed no later than the date listed above. Thank you!

We will fill in the calendar of events as we know more.

2019-2020 YEARBOOKS
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We have decided to hold our auction online this year from May 17th to May 23rd.  More details to come!!!

Volunteer Clearance

Please be sure to get your Volunteer Application in as soon as possible to be cleared to volunteer with our students. This process can take up to two weeks to get the information back. The fee to process is $5.00 and needs to be paid at the time you turn in your application. The application is attached to this memo for your convenience.

Sign Up - No Cost to You Fundraisers:

* Shoparoo—is a free app you can download and use to raise money for MRA.  Simply download the app, find Molalla River Academy, and then use the app to take pictures of your receipts.  Shoparoo makes a donation to MRA for each receipt.


* Benefit—is another free app you can download and use to raise money for MRA.  Download the app and find Molalla River Academy.  This one does require you bank your credit card, but like Amazon Smile, once you are in, each purchase raises money that comes back to MRA.

* Box Tops - you can either bring your Box Tops to the main office or download the free app and just scan your grocery receipts.  All qualifying purchases will be added to the school's account.  Download the app and find Molalla River Academy.

MRA Forum
If you haven’t yet, please sign up to ‘Follow’ the MRA forum and the teacher’s forums. The forums are similar to an app you subscribe to that will send you emails with quick notes/updates. The office and teachers are using their forums to pass along quick notes related to the school/classrooms. So far we have 99 subscribers to our forums.
Please go to, click on “More” (upper right-hand corner), click on “Forum”, and then scroll down and click on “Follow” to get instant messages from whichever forums you choose.

Volunteer Opportunities

Anyone can sign up for volunteer hours using the Sign Up Genius links below. Unfulfilled volunteer hours are billed at the end of the year at $15.00/hour. Every family is required to put in 20 hours a year.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

 Helping out in the Library or Garden 

 Helping out in your child's classroom

Hobbit Hill Expectations

Please enforce this when you are here with your children before and after school hours.

 In a nutshell - the Hobbit Hill is a play structure and needs to be treated as such.

 The rail is there for protection and is not to be climbed on in any way whatsoever

 The rocks are decoration and will have plants in an around them soon. The are not climbing structures.

 The slide is for going down, not up and is to be used by people, not objects.

Students should be sliding down feet first

 To get up to the top - climb one of the two ramps, or one of the two grassy areas.

These are obvious. 

 Tag, ball throwing, and other games are for the fields, not the hill

 The climbing wall is for climbing up and down, taking care to watch for traffic

 The standard rules apply as well regarding rough housing, wrestling, jumping, and so on.

Our Vision

Successful graduates with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their dreams and enrich the community.

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