MRA News & Covid 19 Updates

Following are documents that the Molalla River School District is putting out. Many thanks to Dr. Jan Olson and the school district for sharing these with us.

Covid 19 and Children

Immune System


Volunteering Fall 2020

At this point volunteers will not be allowed on campus per Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority.  We will advise families if anything changes.

MRA Forum
If you haven’t yet, please sign up to ‘Follow’ the MRA forum and the teacher’s forums. The forums are similar to an app you subscribe to that will send you emails with quick notes/updates. The office and teachers are using their forums to pass along quick notes related to the school/classrooms. So far we have 99 subscribers to our forums.

Please go to, click on “More” (upper right-hand corner), click on “Forum”, and then scroll down and click on “Follow” to get instant messages from whichever forums you choose.

Sign Up - No Cost to You Fundraisers:

* Shoparoo—is a free app you can download and use to raise money for MRA.  Simply download the app, find Molalla River Academy, and then use the app to take pictures of your receipts.  Shoparoo makes a donation to MRA for each receipt.


* Benefit—is another free app you can download and use to raise money for MRA.  Download the app and find Molalla River Academy.  This one does require you bank your credit card, but like Amazon Smile, once you are in, each purchase raises money that comes back to MRA.

* Box Tops - you can either bring your Box Tops to the main office or download the free app and just scan your grocery receipts.  All qualifying purchases will be added to the school's account.  Download the app and find Molalla River Academy.