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Volunteering Fall 2023

All parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer for 20 hours total over the school year. Please reach out to the PCT for some ideas on how to help!

We are in need of room parents for all of our classrooms! We like to have two room parents per class. As a room parent your job is to get information out to all the parents in your class, get parent volunteers for various projects, and help set up classroom parties if any are being held by your teacher. Many activities may be done from home. For those wishing to volunteer in our buildings, you will need to complete a background check, and provide proof of vaccination or an exemption request. For information regarding vaccines/exemptions, please contact:

Sign Up - No Cost to You Fundraisers:

* Shoparoo—is a free app you can download and use to raise money for MRA.  Simply download the app, find Molalla River Academy, and then use the app to take pictures of your receipts.  Shoparoo makes a donation to MRA for each receipt.

Amazon Smile:  If you use Amazon for any shopping, simply sign up for Amazon to make a donation to our school! 

To get started click this link:

Bottle Drop:  Pick up a pre-labeled bag or two from our main office to collect all your cans and bottles. Return the full bag to the school, or drop it off at any Bottle Drop location and the MRA account will be credited. 

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