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Behind The Scenes

I am finally catching my breath after a successful Roots Day. Thank you to all who were able to participate, volunteer, and attend. This day is one that brings out the magic in our unique community. Watching it all come together and seeing our 5th and 6th graders step up to the demands of researching a subject, being able to teach peers, presenting with confidence, gathering materials, and remaining cool under pressure is impressive and always brings a sense of wonderment to me in the end.

The service projects create a sense of ownership for all students. From cleaning up the grounds, planting, adding a new picket fence, moving gravel, putting the "garden to bed", raking leaves, roasting pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and more, our students are involved in these changes and see their impact on their environment.

My hope is that these lessons will be life changing for our students and will be carried on as they become adults.

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