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Share the Love!

Former MRA students Lola and Kelsey presented information about the Share the Love Fundraiser at our assembly last week.

MRA is participating in the Share the Love fundraiser to support families within our community who are in need of some extra support. We had an assembly on Feb. 3rd that informed us about the different ways we can participate in this cause. Our school is having a contest to see which class can collect the most money. Our last day to collect money is Feb. 18th. Good luck classes! The students have been working hard and have collected the following money in the first week:

Trillium $11.03

N Huckleberry $4.02

S Huckleberry $17.00

N Clarkia  $13.76

S Clarkia  $ 8.00

Alder E  $21.00

Alder W  $7.46

Cedar E   $40.45

Cedar W  $ 90.57

Total = $213.29

MRA PE Classes:

Trillium: These students are continuing to practice their manipulative skills through bouncing, catching and dribbling balls of different sizes. They will be starting to learn their Trillium dance that they will be performing at the spring musical.

Huckleberry: These students are continuing to practice their manipulative skills through bouncing, catching and dribbling skills. The Huckleberries are studying the human body systems in their classrooms and playing games that reinforce the concepts they are learning. They are reviewing many of the basic muscles, where the muscles are located, and what exercises strengthen them.

Clarkia- Cedars: These students are working on a "Review Unit" of basketball. The intent is to review the basic skills that were learned in depth last year. The skills presented are practiced individually, in pairs or with groups. This unit provides activities for students to practice and develop fundamental skills required for successful game play. The activities follow a high-activity, skill progression where the students can progress at their individual ability level. Each skill is presented with a variation and challenge.


Ball Handling Drills: * (Challenge) Practice tricks

Dribbling Drills: * (Challenge) Through the legs- stationary or on the go, behind the back to front

Passing Drills: * (Challenge) Both partners have balls, time yourselves and beat your score

Shooting Drills: * (Challenge) Shoot from different spots

Games: Add 'Em Up, Keep Away, Dribble Tag

Alders & Cedars:

Dribbling Drills: * (Challenge) Yo-Yo Dribble- both hands or one

Passing Drills: *(Challenge) Use two balls instead of one with partner, add defender, outlet pass patterns

Shooting: * (Challenge) Shoot from different spots, practice different shots

Games: Keep Away, 3 Pass, Bump, 3 Catch with Post, 1/2 Court Game (Choice)

Buddies: The eighth grade Cedars and the Trillium students perform an annual dance together at the Spring Performance called the "Buddy Dance." Ms. Blythe and I are having fun teaching this dance we created during Buddies time every Wednesday. It's going to be a fantastic one!

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