Wild Woods

Cedars playing cooperative games

Alders/Cedars Badminton

Trillium is learning about locomotor movements, directions and levels.

Clarkia is having fun experimenting with paddles and balls

Huckleberries are creating games with partners

Clarkia paddle and balloon work

Trillium/Huckleberries: These students have been working on a unit called "Building a Foundation." This unit establishes class environment, behavioral expectations of students, and management. Many of the development concepts addressed include: body and spatial awareness, locomotor and non-locomotor skills, directionality, pathways, levels, and tempos. To enhance their social and personal development, children learn to share, cooperate, take turns, and experience personal success through movement.

Clarika: The Clarkia students are working on the manipulative skills of: bouncing, catching, and striking objects with their hand and paddles.

Alders/Cedars: The students are working on the sport of badminton in PE class. The activities are provided for the students to practice the forehand stroke, backhand stroke, lob and serve and strategies used in badminton games.

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