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Wondering As We Wander

This week all garden classes from Trillium to Alders took time to wander through the garden and make scientific observations. Alder students wondered how the ancient grain seedlings that were only inches tall a few months ago, could now tower over them in. The Clarkia students wondered at the unique designs of the many patterned gourds and squash that hung from the fences. The Huckleberry classes were seeking out the many Cosmos and Blanket Flowers, green beans, and pumpkins and wondering if they could make an accurate account. The Trillium pondered on what a spider might be doing as she spun her web tightly about herself.

These experiences bring enrichment and enjoyment to the learning at MRA. To watch students make observations, predictions, and come to conclusions by taking part in our outdoor spaces is rewarding.

Our Roots Market team opened their shelves with freshly picked produce from the garden. We hope to offer our community another place to access healthy fruits and veggies.

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