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First Day of School Monday 9/28/2020

Hi students, parents, and community members,

The Cedars teachers and MRA staff are looking forward to getting this school year underway beginning on Monday 9/28/2020. We will be starting each day by meeting in homerooms at 9am sharp. From there we will ensure that students understand their daily schedule along with where / when they need to be logged on. Please reach out if your family is experiencing any technological difficulties, hardships related to the fires, or require assistance of any kind. We are hopeful that each of the students will be able to join us on Monday.

In the meantime, we have been meeting as a combined Cedars class for about a week. We come together at 9am and 2pm for some socializing, light games, and exploratory (non-required) learning opportunities. We will continue these meetings for the rest of the week and would love to see a few more students there (no meeting is held Friday at 2:00 due to the weekly staff meeting). As we are now reaching over half of our students on a regular basis we have decided to split these meetings by homeroom.

{Homeroom meeting links were sent home in an email.}

Additionally, the Cedars Google classroom is open for business. There are a number of NON-REQUIRED learning exercises that students can access and complete. As your students begin logging into the Google classroom, some of you will begin receiving Google guardian invites. If you previously signed up as a Google guardian with MRA, then you will continue to receive guardian summary emails this year. Below is a link to helpful information for parents about Google Classroom.

Guardian’s Guide to Classroom:

{The Cedars Google Classroom code was sent home in an email.}

Thank you all for your patience and grace as we work through this anxious time and prepare for a year of great learning!


Ben Poff

{Please Note: This blog post was sent home as an email with student and parent sensitive links. These links have been omitted from the blog.}

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