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Change of Plans

Dear Families,

Friday was a day like no other. However, through all the uncertainties and changes in plans, the Huckleberries were flexible, worked hard and were kind to one another. This is what is most essential: support for each other.

Human Body Systems, Digestive System Shirts, and Snow!!

While we will not be gathering in Huckleberry North to learn this week, it is still a week of learning. Mrs. Harris and I sent home a packet of work with each child on Friday. This is essential work. The packet includes:

*math - The worksheets should have pretty clear instructions.

*writing - 1st graders need to write 3-5 sentences a day in their "diary".  Sentences should describe something about their day or feelings about their day.  They can use their fingers to list three to five facts before they start writing.  After writing, they can go back and add more information and edit for capital letters and ending punctuation.

-The 2nd graders need to write three opinion letters. The letters can be addressed to anyone, they just need to keep their audience in mind. Does their audience know a lot about their topic? Or, will this be the first time they are learning about it? During this opinion writing unit, they have been writing their opinions about books they have read. They are welcome to keep writing opinions about books, but if they have another topic they can support their opinion with real evidence, then they are welcome to write a letter about that.

*reading - Read every day at least 30 minutes. This can include read alouds, shared reading, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Technology Survey In order to ensure all students are able to continue learning, please fill out the following survey. SURVEY

Books As I was not able to get books sent home with everyone on Friday, I would like to offer a book check out. If you are able, you are welcome to stop by MRA on Tuesday, March 17th and Wednesday, March 18th between 9 AM and 3 PM. Huckleberries are welcome to check out books from our classroom, Mrs. Harris's classroom library and the school library during those times.

Human Body Museum As our museum had to be canceled, Mrs. Harris and I will be photographing each exhibit to make a virtual museum. Once it is posted on our websites, you and your Huckleberry can scroll through while they explain all they have learned. This will be up by Wednesday, please watch your email for the notification.

Please email if you have any questions, I am here to support all.

Thank you to everyone for being flexible and supportive of your young learners and the whole community.

My best,

Ms. Fety

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