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Distance Learning Update

Dear Huckleberry Families,

Things seem to be calming down a bit as we begin to fall into a routine that works for our families. I am continuing to work on the format of Google Classroom, trying to make it user friendly and informative. Thank you for your generosity and patience as my tech skills continue to develop!

This week there are several new elements to our Huckleberry Distance Learning. They are the following:

1. Attendance - Each day there will be a Question of the Day students will need to answer. This counts for their attendance. It can be answered any time that day. It will be under the Community Circle topic.

2. Student Conferences - This is a time to check in with each Huckleberry to see how they are doing with their work, answer their questions, and give them support wherever they are at. Conferences will be about 15 minutes. This week conferences will be all about literacy. Please have your student bring their Writer’s Workshop folder and a book they have been reading. If they are reading on Epic, just ensure they know the title.

3. Epic - Students now have their profiles! Each has been assigned the read aloud Peter Rabbit and a text selected just for them. Here is the login information:

  1. Go to

  2. Log in with our class code lrd4720

  3. Select your name and you’re set!

Epic has a magnificent online library. Epic offers three types of reading experiences- read to yourself, someone reads to you as you follow along, or a student listens to Epic audio. All three of these opportunities have a place. I would like students to read to themself or someone else at least 15 minutes daily. After that, they can choose books that are more difficult and follow along as someone else reads it to them. It develops children’s short term memory and increases their attention span when they stay tuned in as someone reads to them with no pictures being shown. Explore all three approaches.

4. Office Hours - I have adjusted my office hours to Mondays 3:00 - 4:00 and Fridays 11:00 to Noon. This is a time to drop by for both students and parents to ask questions or check in. Link is under General Information.

Again, thank you all. Your commitment to your young learners and willingness to delve into this strange new reality is commendable. It is a lot. However, as I review submitted student work, I am honestly so proud. I am proud of their work, their efforts, and insights. Keep it up, families and Huckleberries!

My best,

-Ms. Fety

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