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It's Cold Outside!!

Dear Huckleberry South Families,

Let me start by saying, the week ahead forecast is very interesting. As we know from the past, it could mean nothing or it could totally change our school schedule, as well as your life! Either way, it is best to be prepared! If you haven’t, please sign up for Flash Alert on your phone. This will let you know if our school schedule has been affected by the weather.

If we do miss school, there are many things you can do to support your child’s learning while at home. With the first snow, let them play outside. Without a little play time, they will never be able to concentrate on anything going on inside. After a healthy play time and some hot chocolate, they can read, write about their experience in the snow or create math word problems to be solved by a sibling or parent. On Monday, I will be sending home math that can be completed on a snow day or in the evening on a school day. Making creative books encourages students to write. Use stationary or colored paper to create a beautiful book. There's just something about beautiful books that children can’t resist. We are just starting our study of the human body. Do you have any books on the topic? Can you find an appropriate website for kids about what goes on inside their body?

Being locked inside during this season can be especially challenging for parents who have to work. For those of you who have time off and want to work with your children, keep it fun. You may find this time to be a wonderful memory making experience!

Then again, as you know, this is Oregon and our schedule may not change at all. If that is the case, I look forward to seeing all of you in the week ahead.

Dainette Harris

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