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Writing Opinions and Pumping Blood

Dear Families,

The Huckleberries have embarked on a new unit, opinion writing. As you all are quite aware, Huckleberries have lots of opinions. What this new writing unit aims to do is to capture on their innate opinions and provide them with the skills to add reasoning. The first graders are focusing on describing a winner in a personal collection. Why is the green sea shell the best? What makes the yellow bear the favorite? The second graders are inscribing their opinions in letters about literature. What makes The Cat in the Hat simultaneously naughty and amazing? What evidence from the book supports the opinion that Mercy Watson is spoiled? Each writer is working to become more clear and convincing, the effort is showing.

The Circulatory System and Respiratory Systems are two interconnected systems the Huckleberries have been studying most recently. We found our own heart rates, learned about the parts of the blood, and felt our ribs expand as our diaphragms pulled down to create space for fresh oxygen in our lungs.

Thank you to our lovely room parents and all the families who made it possible our Valentine's Day celebration such a success. And thank you to everyone for helping your Huckleberry create Valentines for all their classmates.

Upcoming Events:

* Victory Seeds Fundraiser - With a few recent sunny days, gardening might also be on your mind. Please consider buying some Victory Seeds to help support MRA. Forms and catalogs are posted outside Huckleberry North. Orders are due by March 2nd.

* Spring Music Program - Friday, March 13th at 7:00 pm. The Huckleberries are deep into practice. As always, all students are vital to the performance and this year's program promises to be yet another magnificent event!

All my best,

-Ms. Fety

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